Private Psychiatry

Private Psychiatry

Private psychiatryPrivate psychiatry is a means of a trained psychiatrist working for clients who pay for their therapy. Private psychiatry strives to help patients in need of both chemical help, in the form of medication, and mental help in the form of talking therapy. The goal is to help clients become fully functional, that is, to be at one’s best. To help this happen, people need unconditional positive regard from others, be it love and support from family, friends, and authority figures, such as teachers and religious leaders. Sadly, the majority of us instead develop ‘conditions of worth’, accepted conditions of value placed on us by others by acknowledging or rebuffing life events to gain positive regard from others. As such, we accept experiences as being either good or bad not on our own judgements but based on the judgments of others.

We continue to do this in our adult lives. The result is that we are built with an incongruence between our self and our organism, whereby the self is the interjected material from others and our organism is our true self that we have chosen to ignore in place of our need to be accepted by others. Naturally as we grow away from our true organism, our state of incongruence between our self and organism furthers whereby the greater the disharmony from our interjections, the greater the incongruence between self and organism. Moreover, the greater this incongruence is will result in greater psychological disorders.

Eventually, our interjected experiences may be wrongly brought into conscious Private Psychiatryawareness and given meaning to and are experienced as threatening to the integrity of the self. The processes of defence become ingrained and a psychological disorder builds up so that under certain circumstances, the self-concept effectively ‘breaks’ under the pressure. The resulting state of disorganisation will be subjected characteristically by the individual as anxiety, depression, confusion, pain, or colloquially, a ‘nervous breakdown’.

No matter the help our loved ones give us, they are not practiced nor trained to help us without inferring their biased view. This may unintentionally portray a help that actually may cause more harm. Private psychiatry is a means of talking therapy that actually helps clients, be it with or without the addition of medication.

When suffering with a neurological condition, Private Psychiatry strives to bring your mental health back into harmony. Should such a breakdown be due to womens health problems, such as unable to conceive a child, miscarriage or even a hysterectomy, private psychiatry can help by providing you with medication to help with a depressed state whist also offering a form of talking therapy to allow you to work through the resulting issues from such related medical conditions.

Private psychiatryMore often than not, a breakdown in relationships can cause ill mental health which can be brought back to a healthy mental state with the aid of private psychiatry. Where a divorce is imminent, Divorce Solicitors Hendon can ensure their clients are looked after through the divorce process.

Another factor that may bring clients to the services of private psychiatry is a lack of love for one’s self due to the hatred of how one looks. Dentist Hendon can help fix a bad set of teeth but private psychiatry is the means of helping people love one’s self, with or without resolving to changing one’s looks. Changing looks can be a lengthy and painful process which in turn will still be benefitted by private psychiatry to help work through this difficult time.

Likewise, suffering with Irlens syndrome, visual stress, may have reduce a person’s self-confidence. With or without the aid of coloured lenses to help with concentration and reading private psychiatry can help such clients gain self-confidence.

Some people in UK still find it difficult to seek out help with our mental mindPrivate Psychiatry for fear of how we may look to others. Leaflet delivery companies are employed to spread the word of the benefits of such practice. More and more people are seeking out private psychiatry, be it for themselves or loved ones for a vast range of needs. When people go to a private psychiatry practice it is imperative they feel comfortable. The environment needs to allow clients to feel safe. The space both in the therapy room and waiting area and kitchen space should not be too cheap for those who pay a pretty penny nor too expensive to make people feel overwhelmed. Kitchen showrooms provide kitchens to suit the needs of the psychiatrists and the clientele that seek the practice.

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