Life Coach

Life Coach

Life CoachLife coaches support clients in helping them take control of their situation in any area of their lifestyle; be it relationships, careers, fitness, work-life balance or self-confidence. Life coaches should possess good people skills in order to help people reach their life goals. This is achieved by examining what is going on in the here and now, to detect the obstacles or challenges are preventing you from doing your absolute best, and electing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.

When working with a life coach, an alliance is built between the coach and you the client whereby the power in the working relationship remains with the client. This is because the coach will not have the answers to questions because the client possesses these. The coach just asks the questions needed to be asked to help clients answer the questions they did not think to ask themselves. This helps clients reveal their hidden answers to free themselves to meet their life goals. Clients are their own experts who know what is absolutely best for themselves. Coaches are just that, they coach clients down the right path to discover their true self. This is discovered in having clients decide the choices they make to live a balanced life.

Although life coaching is not regulated in the UK,  anyone can work as a life but clients do tend to favour those coaches who possess qualifications and a membership to a professional organisation. Life Coach Hertfordshire is someone who possesses such qualification and membership.

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