Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner - Google - 2 - all by davThe main goal of a website is to attract business which is best achieved if your website appears on the first page of google. So the first thing to do is think about the list of websites Google provides when you enter text in the search engine box. The results come from keywords used in the search engine. So work out with Google Keyword Planner the best keywords to use that people enter into search engines. You want the keywords to be easy to rank in search engine results pages. In addition, include geographical location with your keywords somewhere together on the same page of your website in exact order. Put the relevant key information in the title tag, which shows in the first line of each search result. Obviously, you therefore then want to ensure you use valid and informative URLs to tell search engines what each page of your website are about.

Having relevant keywords is part of what Google uses when analysing websites to see which websites are high in importance. Both domain relevance, keywords used in search engines, and domain authority, the total link value of links to both the Webpage and the Website, are used to detect websites of the highest importance to topic. Having a high domain authority is essential in having your website appear on the First Page of Google  as a high page authority means that there is a high probability of the relevant page of your website being found in a search engine.

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SEO Courses

If you do not want to spend money on having someone promote your website, there are plenty of SEO courses you can enrol in, both online and in the classroom. These will teach you the main tricks of having your website found when people use search engines. Of course, having an attractive website holds peoples’ interest which helps them choose to use your business against others of its market. Website design Loughton can help make your website attractive to boost business.

What is also of paramount importance is to ensure that you are not guilty of plagiarism. Make sure all context on your website is of your own design and word use. Make sure any pictures you use you have permission to use or are of your own taking. Likewise, check other websites to make sure they have not copied your own website. Any discrepancies then hire Employment Law Solicitor to settle your case.

Should you have any problems promoting your website as you may prefer old school style of pens and paper, such as many people of The Clove Club, then there are plenty of people out there who can create a website for you and promote it to the first page of google. However, there are plenty of people in The Clove Club who you can talk to who are plenty able of doing this work for you too.

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