Differences between HTML and CMS/ WordPress for SEO

Differences between HTML and CMS/ WordPress for SEO


1.An HTML site that happens to be well optimised and responsive is likely to be positioned close to a well optimised CMS website like WordPress on Google. This is on the basis that they would be responsive to the display screen dimensions. Many WordPress themes are responsive, however, not all HTML websites are.

2. There are some fantastic free WordPress Plugins that make it straightforward to obtain terrific on-page optimization.

3. There is proof that Google is prepared for a WordPress website to be updated regularly and if this does not happen the site can decrease in the rankings. This is not the case for HTML websites where Google determines that they will absolutely continue to be the same.

So a well optimised HTML website will probably be put in a similar position as a well optimised CMS site like WordPress on Google.

2 varying study groups – AngelDigital along with TopicSpan – compared HTML websites with WordPress websites.

TopicSpan looked at 4 niches, 2 of them were lower competition niches and the other 2 were competitive. For each specific niche, they developed 3 internet websites: a WordPress site, a PHP/HTML internet website along with a Joomla site. After monitoring them for 8 weeks, the end result was that the internet sites were positioned at around the same place on Google. When they began taking advantage of offsite SEO, the websites increased in the Google rankings by about the exact same amount.

However, after 8 weeks they saw a big change. The WordPress internet sites started to go down in the positions. New brief blog posts were added as a test and they went up somewhat yet they did not come near their preliminary positions. The Joomla sites had a similar decrease in ranking, yet not as big as the WordPress websites. Their position after posting brand-new articles was not as good as it was initially. The HTML websites, however, remained where they were and they did not decrease in 8 weeks.

AngelDitial used 2 websites – one established with WordPress and the other with HTML/ CSS. Both websites were produced by concentrating on equivalent niches. Both sites had similar content, but it was unique to each site. All SEO strategies corresponded. Both websites were established at the same time with analytics making use of various accounts. Some net web link building was included, with the very same superior top quality web links, capitalizing on the exact same classifications and so forth.

Both websites were then seen on the third page of the Google results reasonably swiftly for the target keywords. One internet site (the HTML/CSS website) was a few placements higher than the other one. The sites were not amended. Promptly after that, the WordPress internet site began to fall in the placements. The other internet site coded in HTML/CSS stayed where it was. This sustains the concept that Google anticipates you to most definitely upgrade your WordPress website on a regular basis just like you would with a blog site.

So a business networking group in Walthamstow with a WordPress website might post regular short articles to their internet site on topics like networking referrals, offline networking for businesses or creating business relationships in order to stay near the top of Google and gain new business.


Similarly a company delivering leaflets via door to door distribution has its own way of marketing by printing and distributing letters in the local neighbourhood but if they have a WordPress website that they post regular articles to, the definition of internet marketing implies that they will bring in new business through advertising, promotion and marketing online with regular posts to their website.

There are outstanding free WordPress Plugins that make it straightforward to obtain exceptional on-page optimization.

The complimentary WordPress plugins like Yoast or All in One SEO pack make it unbelievably easy to optimise your internet site pages.

Google anticipates that a WordPress site will be updated frequently so placements may drop if you don’t publish write-ups constantly.

This is not like HTML internet websites where Google is prepared for them to remain exactly the same. WordPress is helpful in making sure that SEO strategies are simple. Utilizing fantastic plug ins like All in One SEO pack, you might compose your posts in a straightforward WYSIWYG editor, utilize your individual titles, descriptions together with keyword expressions, tag and categorise your posts utilizing permalinks by having your keywords in the URL for each short write-up.

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A contractor building loft extensions in Herts might have his own WordPress website and with the help of a website auditor, he might launch new blog posts on relevant topics like Velux roof conversions, architectural designs for lofts or transformations of unused loft space and this would help to promote the site on Google thereby opening up new business opportunities.