Why Call Answering is more important than ever

Why Call Answering is more important than ever


Advertising and marketing is very important for any business. Without customers, there would be no company so looking after your current customers as well as looking for new ones is most important.

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A firm of family solicitors in London or specifically, family solicitors in Barnet, may be very knowledgeable about divorce and separation matters, wills and inheritance tax and also conveyancing but if they do not have any clients, their knowledge is wasted and the firm will not survive.

They may have an excellent website having used the best web designer in Chingford but if the website is not ranked highly on Google and nobody sees it, they are unlikely to bring in new business online and their internet behaviour will not benefit them.

There is also one element that may stop a prospective customer from becoming an actual customer which is often forgotten about in small companies. The way a call is handled from a prospective customer can be the difference between gaining that new customer or losing them.

Are you missing out on potential new clients as a result of poor call handling ?

Acquiring new customers is a costly process. Nearly every business will certainly have an internet site now and as well as the cost of setting up that website, if you are to be discovered with either SEO (search engine optimization) or Pay Per Click advertising, the expenses of internet marketing can be very costly. The person responsible for sales and advertising in a company will usually have business cards and brochures that have been published.

They might attend business networking meetings and the cost of joining a networking team can be costly, especially when you factor in travel expenditure.

The expense of Social Media should not be neglected either. It might not cost you anything to utilize Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – unless you are utilizing paid adverts – but there is still the expense of your time to think about. Your time can fly by when you’re on social networks, without you truly attaining your objectives as you might get lots of interruptions while you are on there.

You could also have adverts, utilize a sales person or have signage for your business. The list is long and can be very pricey.

All these points are relevant, every one of them contributes to gaining new business, they are costly, but they are crucial for your business to succeed. Yet having concluded all these activities and also spent a lot of time and money, if a telephone call from a potential new client is not answered, you will lose that potential new business as the potential client looks elsewhere.

If a call is merely put through to a voice mail box, the potential client will probably not leave a message and you have lost them.

At this late stage it is crucial that you do not lose the potential customer. You would like to be able to welcome your customers to your office, keep a record of their information and also ensure they do not go to a competitor instead. How can you do this? Check out an article on telephone answering which will be the most reliable means of addressing your business calls.

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If it is not practical for you to answer every telephone call then you could possibly think about making use of a telephone answering service with a virtual receptionist who is great at diary management. The majority of telephone answering companies will definitely give you the option of answering incoming calls first, they will only answer the calls that you could not get to. This will permit you to work flexibly and keep your prices down.

It is not worth losing new business through something which is fundamental and conveniently affordable.