A Broadyway drama that needs a London divorce solicitor to separate you and your website host

divorce solicitor londonIf you’ve ever tried to break away from your website hosting company, you might have had more drama than a Broadway show. Many people and businesses are increasingly let down by web-hosting companies but switching website hosting provider is not easy, sometimes you might want to hire a London divorce solicitor to separate you from your existing host partner and help you partner up with a new company.

Recent reasons we’ve heard for people wanting to leave their website hosting company include the discovery that global hosting company 1&1 Internet’s European servers are based in Germany. This is a major problem for UK based companies because Internet analysis service Moz, increasingly important for an SEO firm on London and Google search ranking analysis, lists all sites, including those based in and targeting the UK and London are listed as being based in Germany. This is a problem for good local SEO and local search listings. If you are targeting your SEO London area and Google sees the site is based in Germany, which could damage your ability to reach the top of Google.

Other issues is log-in problems, downtime, slow website loading speed or lack of memory. Often, web hosting companies will change the specification of their servers and this impacts on small business marketing plans that use a shared hosting package to host their website and email platform. These all impact on a website’s page authority and a well designed small business website might be negatively impacted.

wedding photographer in kent

wedding photographer in kent

Sometimes, moving a website, specifically one using a platform such as WordPress, Joomla and other template based website development platforms are more complicated to move than a basic html or custom designed site. You might feel the need to hire a business savvy London divorce solicitor to help you switch to a new supplier. It requires expert IT or web development skills and many people that run their own website are forced to stay with their existing website host or find it easier to create a new website. This can result in the loss of existing SEO work and page rank work. If you’ve used a keyword difficulty tool and spent time and money working on improving your SEO for those keywords, it can be hard to move.

A reputable divorce solicitor in London faces similar complications in separating a couple that want to divorce. For a London divorce solicitor, it is often hard to separate assets, property and arrange custody of children amicably. With any relationship that ends, there is confusion, uncertainty and potential to cause additional harm. When you marry or decide to go with a supplier for a particular service, you hope things will work out, but when you plan a wedding and book a quality Kent wedding photographer, you’re not thinking about how things might go wrong.