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Medical, Dental Consultants advocate urgent implementation of resettlement plan for IDPs

Medical, Dental Consultants supporter urgent execution of resettlement plan for IDPs

The Medical and Dental Consultants’ Association of Nigeria … This call was contained in a communiqué issued at the end of the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting of the Association which held in Lagos. The President of the Association, Professor …
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” nofollow” target=’ _ blank’ > See Original Short article Argument in between Glenorchy City Council mayor and basic manager boils over Glenorchy City Council Mayor Kristie Johnston states she holds … A spokesperson for Mr Brooks stated “Mr Brooks’ professional physician supplied the medical certificate stating that the General Supervisor was fit to return to work and it was not appropriate nor …
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” nofollow” target=’ _ blank’ > See Original Article Heart surgeon, 63, is struck off for showing ‘reckless disregard’ to patient safety after children’s deaths Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust referred the physician to the General Medical Council (GMC) in January 2014 following an evaluation of its paediatric care services the previous year, which included taking a look at clinical outcomes. Children’s heart operations at …
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India open to adopting genomics in tackling malaria’Summary:|Image Credit: R_ASHOKPointing out that genomics can play a bigger function in managing vector-borne illness, particularly Malaria, Soumya Swaminathan, Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research stated that India was open to adopting …
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” nofollow “target= ‘_ blank’ > See Original Short article Simply FYI,

Urine Is Not In fact Sterile President-elect Donald Trump declared he was a “germaphobe” Wednesday to deflect unproven accusations that he employed sex workers to carry out a “golden shower” program, where urination is part of a sex act.
Trump probably implied his ” germaphobe” defense as a little joke because of the uncorroborated file, released Tuesday by Buzzfeed. It alleges Russian intelligence authorities have jeopardizing personal information on Trump, consisting of the occasion described above.
Various social networks users instantly started grumbling that this alibi does not hold water, pointing out an oft-repeated claim that “urine is sterilized.”.

URINE IS STERILE, MR. PRESIDENT-ELECT– Patrick Monahan (@pattymo) January 11, 2017.

Urine is sterile. OK for a germaphobe.– Michael Weiss (@michaeldweiss) January 11, 2017.

One million individuals tweeting “urine is sterilized” at me is precisely how I was hoping today would go.– McKay Coppins (@mckaycoppins) January 11, 2017.

But no matter exactly what you consider the report on Trump, here’s something we ‘d like to clean up: Urine is not in fact sterile..
The popular misconception supposedly has roots in 1950s research on urinary system < a href= rel=

” nofollow” target=’ _ blank’ > See Initial Article Vote to remove Ontario Medical

Association president fails Members of the Ontario Medical Association’s executive will stay in their positions after an attempt to eliminate them failed Sunday, regardless of the reality that they lost the confidence of a bulk of the association’s basic council. OMA President Dr …

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Mail call! What is on your mind today?

Mail call! What is on your mind today?The New York Giants’season

is over. With that in mind, let’s turn to addressing some of your questions about Big Blue through a mailbag, something we have not carried out in a while. @bigblueview #bbvmailbag Resign Hank or JPP? Which one is more important to … See Original Short article Passion aside, desperate times call for desperate procedures His thesis

focused on responding to the concern: What can we do right this minute … of fiends across Jamaica”– to paraphrase Prime Minister Andrew Holness. Hire the exorcists, Mr Prime Minister, the ghosts are bountiful and fear is widespread! See Original Short article’Much better Call Saul’: Giancarlo Esposito’s Gustavo Fring Returns for Season 3 Manufacturers of”Better Call Saul “had a reward
for press reporters Saturday evening … As Esposito started to use an extremely actorly response, co-star Jonathan Banks inserted:” Just how much are you making?”Esposito shot back:” Not as much as you.” See Original Short article WEF Will Answer Trump’s Call to Produce U.S. Jobs, Schwab Says Even the World Economic Forum is addressing Donald Trump’s call to bring tasks back to the United States. The most crucial business

have been placed on mute to avoid any background noise. After the speakers’ remarks, there will be a question-and-answer session. See Original Article Call Response mode Partner Messaging R7 Partner ACS R3.0 dealing with Partner Messaging R7. Can you have more than on Call Answer Extension? Default is Extension 10. Client is running two businesses(one owner)with the one processor and one Partner Messaging R7.0. Business # 1, AA # 1 default … See Original Short article

5 Phone Answering Mistakes That Drive Away Customers

Packers?McGinn: Who will address the call for Packers?

Chance, as they say ad nauseam at 1265 Lombardi Opportunity and throughout the NFL, must be made the most of. Check out this story on See Original Short article Wells Fargo ' s (WFC)CEO Tim Sloan on Q4 2016 Results-Revenues Call Records At

this time, I would like to invite everybody to the Wells Fargo fourth quarter incomes conference

call. All lines have been placed on mute to prevent any background sound. After the speakers’remarks, there will be a question and response session … See Original Short article Tillerson Calls Environment Modification a ' Threat, ' Breaks With Trump on Paris Agreement Tillerson avoided responding to Kaine’s

questions– informing Kaine he no longer works for Exxon and the questions ought to be directed at the corporation

. But Kaine pushed him. “And let me ask you do you do not have the understanding to address my concern or are you … See Original Article

EnerSys Announces Third Quarter Fiscal 2017 Results Conference Call

EnerSys Announces Third Quarter Fiscal 2017 Outcomes Conference Call

The call will conclude with a question and response session. The call, scheduled for Thursday, February 9, 2017 beginning at 9:00 am Eastern Time, will be hosted by David M. Shaffer, Chief Executive Officer, and Michael J. Schmidtlein, Chief Financial Officer.
See Original Post Knowing Tree International ' s (LTRE) CEO Richard Spireson Q4 2016 Results – Incomes Call Transcript

and welcome to the Learning Tree 4th Quarter and Complete Fiscal Year 2016 Earnings Conference Call. My name is Tony and I will be your operator for today. At this time, all individuals remain in listen-only mode. Later, we will perform a question-and-answer …
See Original Article If someone calls and asks ' Can you hear me?, hand up instantly to prevent fraud, say

authorities In a brand-new guide, police have recommended people “not to respond to the phone from numbers you do not identify … Officers said the very best strategy was to hang up the phone and call 911 right away. “Anytime you end up being victim to a crime, you simply …
See Original Article Penn State ' s Carr,

Garner Answer The Call After Difficult Loss Among the worst parts of being a major-college professional athlete needs to be dealing with the media following a challenging loss. Even a media person like me can value that. And I can also appreciate that under Pat Chambers, a Nittany Lion gamer or 2 has come …
See Original Article CALL 6: Motorists complain traffic court not addressing phone INDIANAPOLIS– The Marion County Clerk’s workplace is promising to make changes to its phone system after problems from individuals who state they cannot get across the Marion County Traffic Court. Tracie Simmons got in touch with Call 6 Examines after she had …
See Original Short article ' Trump Advisor Had Five Calls with Russian'

Envoy on Day of Sanctions ' The calls happened in between the time the Russian embassy was told … At a press conference on Wednesday, Trump declined to respond to whether anybody connected to him or the project had contact with Moscow throughout the project and said he had no loans or …

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Fracture Healing

Fracture Recovery

Fracture recovery is a process where the body heals and repair works the damaged bone.

Requirements for bone recovery
A requirement for bone healing is vascularity (adequate blood supply). The nutrient artery supplies 80% of the cortex. The periosteal vessels provide the external 20% of the cortex. The metaphyseal vessels supply a really rich blood supply to the ends of the bone (Figure 1). Fractures promote the release of growth aspects that attract stem cells and promote angiogenesis, vasodilation and healing of the bone. Blood flow increases at the fracture website. Metaphyseal bone heals faster than diaphyseal bone due to the fact that of the rich blood supply.

A second requirement for bone recovery is to have adequate mechanical stability of the fracture. This can be attained with a variety of techniques consisting of casting, rod positioning, external fixator application, and plates and screws (Figure 2). Sufficient stability promotes revascularization. Appropriate stabilization is had to prevent deformity and non-union at the fracture site. Extreme movement will disrupt the advancement of brand-new bone and might trigger nonunion of the fracture.

Mechanism of Bone Healing
Main bone healing is also< a href= rel=

” nofollow “target=’ _ blank’ > See Original Post Training the assessors for the General Medical Council ' s Efficiency Procedures From July 1997, the General Medical Council( GMC) has had the power to examine physicians whose performance is considered to be seriously deficient. Assessment treatments have been developed for all medical specializeds to include peer review of …
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” nofollow “target=’ _ blank ‘> See Original Short article Democrats Lead Nationwide Day Of Rallies In Defense Of Obamacare Supporters of the Affordable

Care Act collected to protest the health care law’s repeal in rallies across the country on Sunday. The demonstrations remained in reaction to an appeal by Democratic leaders in Congress for a day of action versus ACA repeal, the defunding of Planned Being a parent and other policies promoted by the incoming Donald Trump administration. Possibly the highest-profile event was a rally at Macomb County Neighborhood College in Warren, Michigan, that drew thousands of people. Sens. Chuck Schumer( D-N.Y.), Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), Gary Peters (D-Mich.), Bernie Sanders( I-Vt.) and several other members of Congress resolved the big crowd that had actually waited in long lines in below-freezing weather to attend the occasion. Numerous who have received medical insurance thanks to the ACA shared their emotional stories too.

When Sanders finally took the phase after his coworkers, the holler of the audience and chants of “Bernie, Bernie Bernie” made it clear that for many in the crowd, the Vermont senator was the main attraction. Sanders’ political action nonprofit, “Our Transformation,” live-streamed the event on YouTube and Facebook.
” This is the wealthiest co< a href= rel=

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See Original Post Vaccines are not to blame In January 2010, Britain’s General Medical Council discovered Andrew Wakefield, the original advocate of the theory that vaccines and autism are linked, guilty of more than 30 counts of scientific and scientific misconduct, including studying children without …
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” nofollow “target =’ _ blank ‘> See Original Article Wisconsin Senator Puts The Squeeze On Almond Milk With Her '

Dairy Pride Act ' Sen. Tammy Baldwin will defend milk up until the cows come home.
Baldwin, a Democrat from Wisconsin, otherwise called America’s Dairyland, introduced the Dairy Pride Act on Thursday to combat back “against non-dairy products that are mislabeled as milk, yogurt and cheese,” a practice Baldwin says “harms our dairy farmers.”
Passage of the bill would imply all nondairy items now labeled as some kind of dairy item, including the health-conscious community’s cherished almond milk, would need to undergo name changes. Plant-based cheddar-like nondairy brick?

Mislabeling of plant-based items as ‘milk’ harms our #GrownInWI dairy farmers. Deciding for #WIAg economy.— Sen. Tammy Baldwin (@SenatorBaldwin) January 12, 2017

The expense would support American dairy organisations and “protect the stability of milk” by enforcing label restrictions on nondairy options to milk, yogurt and cheese.
Though Fda policies specify dairy items as coming from dairy animals, alternatives remain on the marketplace, typically identified using dairy-specific terms. Baldwin’s expense targets those products.
“I See Original Post Act securing medical staff just on paper, say physicians Parameshwara and Director General and Inspector General of Police Om Prakash … consisting of the one in Davangere,” stated T.A. Veerabhadraiah, member of the Karnataka Medical Council. He said the council would soon adopt a resolution demanding effective …

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British Psychiatrist approves six dementia patients deaths at Swiss suicide clinics

British Psychiatrist approves 6 dementia patients deaths at Swiss suicide clinics

The Daily mail short article reported that: Brewer ran a dependency clinic in London prior to he was struck off in 2006 by the General Medical Council after a client for whom he had actually recommended drugs died. He can see and assess patients providing non-medical …
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See Original Short article This Is Your Body On Spicy Foods While a few of us prevent restaurant meal descriptions including words like cayenne, chili, and habanero, others get on board. And new research suggests there may be a heart-healthy advantage to eating hot foods..
A large study recently published in the journal PLOS One looked at the connection in between hot red chili pepper usage and death. Researchers from the University of Vermont surveyed a nationally representative sample of 16,179 U.S. grownups during 6 years, finding that those who ate hot peppers at least once a month had a 13 percent lowered threat of dying from heart disease or stroke.
The study was simply observational, so it couldn’t prove a domino effect relationship. Simply puts, there’s insufficient proof to state we should all right away build a hot sauce routine like Hillary Clinton, who reportedly eats raw jalapeños like some individuals consume potato chips. But it does construct on research that suggests spicy food does the body good..
Below are a few other methods the hot stuff can affect your health:.
Spicy food may aid in weight loss.
Capsaicin, the compound that makes chili peppers so darn spicy, may add to the body’s ability to turn whi< a href= rel=

” nofollow” target =’ _ blank’ > See Original Article Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You To Put This Egg In Your Vagina This is it, people: We’ve reached peak Goop-dom..
Gwyneth Paltrow is trying to offer you an egg to place in your vaginal area even as medical professionals caution females not to attempt it..
Paltrow’s infamous lifestyle website recently spoke with ” beauty guru/healer” Shiva Rose for a short article entitled ” Better Sex: Jade Eggs for Your Yoni.” Rose, a starlet who has a line of natural skin care items, explained the expected muscle advantages of placing the egg-shaped jade stone into your body, saying the practice has roots in Chinese royalty and concubines.

In addition to declaring the egg balanced out her hormonal agents, Rose stated it also made her “entire cycle much, much more regular,” and she even feels individuals are “more attracted to you” when you’re carrying one..
Rose mentions the jade egg with such fervor and enthusiasm, you might stop rolling your eyes enough time to actually consider paying $55-$ 66 for among your very own. She motivates users to “recharge it in the full moon simply the method you would a crystal,” shares unique care directions (” cover the egg in silk … and keep it on an altar– it needs to take a spiritual place in your life”) and describes a pre-egg insertion ritual< a href= rel=

” nofollow” target =’ _ blank’ > See Original Short article High workload is putting doctors’ professionalism at threat, states GMC Medical professionals ‘professionalism is being endangered by the existing pressures on the health service, the chair of the General Medical Council has cautioned, and he urges medical professionals to speak up over patient safety concerns. In his yearly message to UK medical professionals …
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” nofollow “target=’ _ blank ‘> See Original Post Meet the President: John T. Carlo of the Dallas County Medical Society After graduation, he finished his residency in general surgical treatment at Baylor University Medical … Carlo is presently a member of the DCMS board of directors, chair of the Texas Medical Association Council on Socioeconomics, and CEO of the not-for-profit …
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See Original Article Start The Year With A Social Detox This article initially appeared on We don’t do all that much for the holidays. We don’t travel great distances while carrying presents or have Hollywood-level, tension-filled dinner chat with family members who love to start loud conversations about delicate, personal topics. But even without the drama, I still end up exhausted from mingling by the time it’s the New Year.
My techniques for self-preservation at any celebration or family get-together are generally effective because I get some alone time by offering for things. I arrange pickups, I run errands– anything that will provide me some reprieve and silence. But all these peaceful minutes I take are acts of self-preservation. They are a protective method to preserve the impression of calm. This is really different from debauchery, where the entire purpose is to celebrate yourself.
During the very first week of January last year, my young child child, while playing on my phone, purchased me on Groupon a $19 day pass to a Russian bathhouse. Fortunately, he didn’t get to Living Social, or I ‘d be on a solo all-encompassing $13,000 journey to Papua New Guinea. Rather of returning the Groupon, I chose to trust my son’s in

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The Latest: Doctor Calls the Bushes 'The Most Humble People'

The most recent: Medical professional Calls the Bushes '' The Most Modest Individuals'

' She got in the same hospital Wednesday. 2 medical professionals who have been dealing with the Bushes will also address concerns about their medical treatment at a press conference Monday morning. A Bush family spokesman said Mrs. Bush was given the choice of leaving the …
See Original Post These 5 Millionaires Response Your Concerns On Snapchat That was the name of

the renowned audio program from Brian Tracy that I paid attention to over and over again while driving my Dodge Colt from sales call to sales call … When it pertains to addressing individual questions each day, I do it since I remember …
See Original Article Trump’s White House press secretary calls news protection of inauguration’

demoralizing’But his explanation for the combative response to the crowd size problem was nonetheless his most expansive answer in a session studded with concerns about economic policy and contaminants. “There is this constant style to damage the huge assistance …
See Original Post Writing To Answer”Who Am I?”Composing roots you in deeply, and it’s in this connection that we better study the self. Yogis call this study of the self Swadhyaya. It’s the practice to answer the question: “Who Am I?” This research study breaks through the masks we have concerned use and …
See Original Article Flyers address Ron Hextall ' s plea with resurgence OT win over Islanders Offer the Devils some credit, too, as they played well. Obviously, there was that dreadful call against Radko Gudas that actually shifted the video game in the Devils’ favor (more on that in a bit). But still, it wasn’t a motivating efficiency general and …
See Original Short article The Procter & Gamble ' s (PG) Management on Q2 2017 Results -Incomes Call Transcript

The response for your first three or 4 concerns is yes … re seeing in our reported sales numbers and the marketplace base numbers. There are always puts and calls in different markets. For example, in China, Chinese New Year fell extremely early this year.

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39 Photos Of Pets Supporting Their Humans Through Childbirth

39 Images Of Family pets Supporting Their Humans Through Giving birth

For over 4 years, the Birth Photography Facebook group has been producing slideshows of gorgeous labor, shipment and postpartum images and sharing them on its public page. After putting together photos including midwives, doulas, fathers and brother or sisters, the group decided to focus its newest project on another unique subset of birth employee: pets!
” Pet dogs and other family pets appear to naturally understand that something is up throughout a pregnancy,” the Birth Photography group’s creator Laura Eckert told The Huffington Post. “They can end up being more protective of the mother-to-be, as though they notice that something is about to happen.”
Eckert shared pictures from ” Faithful Birth Buddies: Pets at Births” with HuffPost. “As these images reveal, family pets are typically really curious and maybe even concerned about what is going on during a house birth, and they typically offer a sense of calm for the laboring mother,” she said. “To some moms it’s like having an extra assistance individual right there next to them throughout their labor.”
— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use undergoes our terms. It might be utilized for personal intake, but may not be distribut See Original Post NHS in worst crisis in its history– and now physicians are leaving Doctors seeking to work overseas need to get certificates of existing expert status from regulator, the General Medical Council and 264 have used since Christmas. Medical facilities are under a lot strain they are holding meetings each early morning to …
See Original Short article General Practitioners’Decision Making about Main Avoidance of Cardiovascular Disease in Older Grownups: A Qualitative Study

(2017) General Practitioners’ Decision Making about Main … Funding: The study was moneyed by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), through grants awarded to the Screening and Test Assessment Program (no. 633003) and Bond …
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Revalidation requirements need greater clearness Responding to the evaluation, Charlie Massey, president of the General Medical Council, said: “It is reassuring to hear that revalidation is settling in and starting to impact on clinical practice, professional behaviour and patient safety. But it is …
See Original Short article Employers should not include management goals to revalidation process, GMC says Companies must not include management goals to revalidation requirements, an evaluation of the procedure commissioned by the General Medical Council has said. In the report, Keith Pearson, chair of both Health Education England and the GMC’s revalidation …
See Original Short article Former head of doctors’regulator

to lead NHS Confederation Niall Dickson, previous president of doctors’ regulator the General Medical Council (GMC) has been selected as the new president of the NHS Confederation. Mr Dickson will start his new position as head of the body that represents most NHS …

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Two city council members propose repeal of storm water management fee

Two city council members propose repeal of storm water management fee

GLASGOW– 2 members of Glasgow City Council are sponsoring an ordinance immediately rescinding … portions of any deficit in the budget plan for Barren-Metcalfe County Emergency situation Medical Services. At the time it was under factor to consider, Mayor Penis Doty …
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” nofollow” target =’ _ blank’ > See Original Article State officials to think about Olean General move into Kaleida Olean General Healthcare facility in Cattaraugus County and Bradford Regional Medical Center in Pennsylvania. Staff at the state Department of Health have issued suggestions based upon requirement and monetary expediency, sending the project on for consideration by the …
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” nofollow “target =’ _ blank ‘> See Original Post Campbell: Unique election on medical

marijuana to be held April 25 The council authorized the modification to address patients’ need to access of medical marijuana. Two more tally steps … City personnel approximates the tax could produce up to $260,000 each year for basic city services such as police, fire and code enforcement …
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> See Original Short article The Drive To Dismantle ‘Obamacare’ Writing on Inauguration Day, I discover it difficult to divert my attention from what is beginning and all that is ending, or at threat of it. Since it’s typically ill encouraged to write about one thing while thinking about another, I feel compelled to select a subject because domain. The attack on the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” is the obvious choice.
The one issue for me and you alike in this location is the volume of ink (or variety of electrons) already directed at it. Are there unique things delegated state?
I think there are, and remarkably maybe, at a really fundamental level. The contingent particulars– the number of lives affected, the dollars in play– have certainly had ample attention. It’s the very first principle problem that has received the least. Specifically: is it at all real that some variation of “American values” and our free-market inclinations in any method validate the Republican opposition to the ACA?.
The response is a remarkably simple and obvious “no,” and there’s a great chance the decisive proof of that is no further away than your garage. The evidence is your cars and truck.
Most of us drive. To do so on public roadways requires that we have auto insuranc< a href= rel=

” nofollow “target =’ _ blank’ > See Original Short article Pakistan Medical Association opposes suspension of senior

professors The health department suspended Jinnah Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Zafar Yusuf, Professors Jawad Zaheer and Tanveer-ul-Islam of the Post Graduate Medical Institute and Lahore General Healthcare facility … Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), all personal …
< a href= rel=

” nofollow” target =’ _ blank’ > See Original Article Florida Medical facility and Walgreens Announce Retail Health Center and Drug store Cooperation M.D., chief medical officer for Walgreens Healthcare Clinics. Walgreens and Florida Healthcare facility will also form a collective council to share best practices and experiences that aim to improve patient care, quality and complete satisfaction while decreasing health …

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Entrepreneur combines travel, family and gelato

Business owner integrates travel, family and gelato

It existed where she revived her interest in making gelato and recruited her family to operate in business … O’Donnell– Posner’s son-in-law and Komoda’s husband– said in spite of being in New york city, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine …

See Original Article The Reading List (2017, No. 3)Non-Compete and Trade Tricks News for the week ended January 20, 2017 *** New Jersey Non-CompetesNon-compete conflicts in the medical gadget and implant field are a cent a dozen nowadays. Because realm comes Synthes, Inc. v. Gregoris, No. 2:16-cv-6255, from the District of New Jersey. There, Synthes effectively obtained a preliminary injunction against a previous area sales vice-president who had actually looked for to sign up with Globus, Inc. to direct its new trauma sales department. The injunction viewpoint is rather long, but it strikes nearly every substantial legal question under New Jersey law and is an extremely legible primer for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.Of particular interest is the passage concerning the employee'' s settlement of a $475,000 payment from Globus if the court imposed Synthes' ' limiting covenant. Crediting the worker and his counsel for acquiring this defense, the court felt that this obligation seriously alleviated the excessive hardship that otherwise may result …
See Original Article State Law Prohibiting Class Actions Does Not Preclude Court From Maintaining Accreditation and Approving Settlement Agreement

The Sixth Circuit recently affirmed approval of a class action settlement agreement, holding that “a post-settlement modification in the law does not modify the binding nature of the celebrations’ settlement agreement, nor does it breach Rule 23 … or the Rules Enabling Act.” The complainants brought a class action versus their former companies, […] See Original Article WIRTW # 443(the”gigs “edition)Holy cow, has it truly been three weeks since I last posted a weekly roundup? It’s also early January, which indicates it’s School of Rock show season for my kiddos, and there are a whole lot upcoming: Norah gets the mike as part of the Power Trios reveal, on Jan. 14 at 7 pm at 42 Eighty Food & Drink, and again on Jan. 22 at 5:30 pm at Brothers Lounge. Donovan tickles the keys and makes his lead vocal debut, on Jan. 14 and Jan. 22, both at 3 pm at the very same locations. Norah’s Junior Headliners band, now called the Major Minors, plays the finals of the High School Rock Off from the phase at the Rock-and-roll Hall of Popularity, Feb. 25, with a warm-up gig at Coda on Jan. 15 at 3 pm. As constantly, if stop and say hey there and discuss the blog, your next beverage is on me. Here’s what I check out the past three weeks: Discrimination “Reverse” Race Discrimination is a Thing. “Racism” Discrimination is Not. — through The …
See Original Short article Weekly catch-up I hope you saw this prior to the holidays. Richard Bromley and Kacy Coble have an extremely handy summary of the most substantial new employment laws that worked or will be working in 2017 in California. If you have operations in the Golden State or are thinking about moving there, you will not wish to miss it. Image Credit: From flickr, Imaginative Commons license, by Jelene Morris.

See Original Article NWC Featured in Mongabay Wildtech The National Whistleblower Center (NWC)’s Worldwide Wildlife Whistleblower Program was recently included in Mongabay Wildtech, a non-profit supplier of conservation and environmental science news. Wildtech talked to NWC’s Chief Operating Officer to learn how the company’s emerging Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program works to counter wildlife criminal offense and promote conservation by harnessing the power of whistleblower benefit laws. The NWC was revealed a Grand Reward Winner in the 2016 Wildlife Criminal activity Tech Difficulty, an effort of USAID in partnership with the National Geographic Society, the Smithsonian Institution, and TRAFFIC. NWC’s Grand Prize-Winning option, the Secure Internet Wildlife Crime Reporting System, is a safe and secure online platform, a one-stop shop through which whistleblowers can securely and anonymously file reports of wildlife criminal activities and gain helpful details about how wildlife whistleblower laws work. For more information about the NWC program …

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